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At BMI Publishing we produce a range of travel and hospitality magazines and online resources, as well as undertaking projects on behalf of customers across the industry.

That's all very matter of fact, but we like to think we're a bit different. We have a certain je ne sais quoi about us - our people and the way we work - that gives us an edge, one that shines through in everything we do. We reckon that's what makes us so popular with our readers, advertisers and contract customers. We've come a long way since our inception in 1990, focusing initially on the travel trade but branching out to the consumer sector and, latterly, moving into the events industry and embracing the online age like it's a long lost friend.

If you'd like to know a little more about our credentials, we could wax lyrical about our achievements until the cows come home. Instead we'll just make reference to the multiple accolades that have come our way at the annual Travel Press Awards and Business Travel Journalism Awards, and also point you in the direction of our testimonials where you can 'hear' some of our happy customers sing our praises.